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My name is (Full Name). I have (h/c) hair, and (e/c) eyes. I am eighteen years old. Both of my parents are dead; one in vain, the other out of grief. I joined the military at the age of twelve, and was one of the cadets in the 104th Trainee Squad. At the age of fifteen, I became a member of the Scout Regiment. The day I joined, I swore to fight for humanity, with my entire body, mind, heart, and soul. To fight the titans, and hopefully someday, break free from my cage and fly. 

My name is (Full Name). This is the story of how I died. 


Joining the Scout Regiment is like willingly drinking poison. Yes, death is inevitable, no matter what you do. But you know you are drinking that poison, in fact, you wanted to. The poison does not kill you instantly, but brings you closer to your death. 

You have always wanted to become a Scout, ever since you were four. Your mother was a part of that branch, and a well respected, intelligent Squad Leader. You loved sitting on your father's shoulders, watching Scouts return from their expeditions on the sides of the road. She always managed to return in one piece. 


One day, when you were eleven years old, your father was at the market, so you decided to watch the Scouts return from their trip. You had to stand on some boxes in order to see. Eagerly, you watched and waited for your mother's smiling face on horseback. You waited, and waited. Even after the entire group passed by, you sat on those boxes, waiting for her. 

That evening, your father found you. He was different, his eyes were dull and lifeless. He was in a daze. He picked you up and carried you home, despite your protests.

"We can't go back home yet! I haven't seen mom yet! Let go of me! Dad!" You were kicking and screaming at him. 

When you returned, you noticed something wrapped in cloth. "Is this bread?" The naive you said as you reached to remove the material.

"Don't touch that!" He shouted. Your father faltered back and sat on one of the chairs, and covered his face in his hands. He was crying. You shrunk back in fear, and eventually ran back to your room.

As the days went by, your fathers mind was slowly deteriorating. He would sit in the kitchen all day, staring at the wall. You tried to give him whatever food you found, but he wouldn't take it. When he first fell in his trance, the only time he ever reacted to something was when you tried to move the cloth. He always slapped your hand away. Eventually, he would merely mutter, "don't touch it." Your father had given up on you and his life entirely. 

One day, you mustered up all of the courage you had to pick up the item up and unveil it. Part of you wanted to see what it was, and the other was to leave it alone. And you truly wished you never peeked through the rough material. In it was your mother's severed arm. You stared at it with shock, and tears overcame you. 

'She always managed to come home in one piece.'You thought, crying and hugging the arm. 

Even after that horrible event, your dream of joining the Scouts never faded, but your objectives changed. You first wanted to be like your mom and kill titans beyond the walls. But now, all you wanted was to die. You had nothing to live for, anyway. There was absolutely no point. Just like your father, you fell into despair.

That is, until you met Eren Yeager. He was a fellow trainee in the 104th Trainee Squad. Eren was a passionate boy, who was absolutely determined to obliterate all of the titans. Other than his friends Mikasa and Armin, everyone else thought he was absolutely insane. 

You admired him; Eren was practically your role model and inspiration for the next few years. You adored his speeches when he talked about slaughtering the titans and living outside the walls; exactly what you had wanted to do before. When you talked to him, he gave you the hope that you had once lost. This was a debt you could never be able to repay.

On your last expedition, you discovered that the triggers on your 3DMG had horrible reaction timing, and resulted in you falling. A titan jumped up and bit into your torso. Luckily, someone was able to slice the titan's nape off before the beast could completely chomp your legs off. Its mouth hung open, releasing you. You tried to use your gear to save you from falling, praying that it would work, but it did not. You fell at least 14 meters before hitting the ground, causing your bones to shatter upon impact. You were in so much pain; it was unbearable.

'This is only a flesh wound, (Name). Yeah, you could totally recover from this, don't worry.' You felt tears prick at your eyes. 'Who am I kidding? Even if I do recover, I can never fight again. If only I had been a couple centimeters higher.'

"(Name)! Oh my God...Here, I can carry you, I'll shoot a flare and someone can come get us-" It was Eren.

"I'm fine, Eren. Now that you're here. You saved me again." You whispered. "I'm so lucky." 

"Hey, don't talk like that! I'll bring you back to safety." He hissed. Eren removed his uniform jacket, and wrapped it around your torso, securely tying it with its sleeves. He crouched down and placed his hands on your back and behind your knees. "Come on." He lifted you up, clutching your body tightly. 

"I love you, Eren. I love so you much, you don't even know. I'm such a lucky person."

"Don't say that!" He choked out. Eren looked down at your face, holding you even tighter. "Please, (Name). Don't let me down! I know you would never do that to me..." He was crying. 

'I'm the cause of his suffering...' Weakly, you reached out your right hand to his cheek. "I'm sorry that I'm making you like this, it was never my intention. I love you Eren." Your hand fell to your chest, and you saluted him. "I love you, with my entire being. I give you my heart, Eren Yeager." 

You tried to hold on to your life as long as you could. 'Your friends who fell during the Battle of Trost and on those other expeditions had it worse than you! Let me live, please!' You begged whoever was out there that you would survive. To you, it didn't matter if you could never fight again. You wanted to live, now more than ever. 

'Who ever is out we deserve to live like this? People fight with their lives and die in vain, just like me. If I could have ever wished for something, I would want everyone to be set free. To be happy.'

And your body went limp. 


Your breath hitched as you were shocked awake. Blinking rapidly, you stared at the ceiling. You held out your hands, opening and closing them. You then sat up, attempting to slow down your heavy breathing. You touched your forehead, and found it to be moist. 'Cold sweat.' 

You got up from your warm and cozy bed and walked over to your bathroom, examining your face in the mirror. Your cheeks were tear stained. 'I was crying...think, (Name), think. What was it about?' 

Bits and pieces. All you could remember was pain, sadness, and a really, really vague face. But seeing it comforted you. 

You mentally sigh contently as you splash cool water on your face. It felt so refreshing. You decided to go through your regular morning routine and walk to school early. If you went to bed again, you would only oversleep and be late. 

'Stupid dream, I could've had thirty more minutes of sleep.' You yawned. 

When you walked in, you discovered that the teacher's desk was empty. 'I wonder if Mr. Ackerman is doing errands for Principle Smith.'

Cue the dirty thoughts. You and your friends joked about Mr. Ackerman's private life, claiming he was always angry due to sexual frustration. It was a good running joke you all shared. Usually outside of classes, they are seen together. This is when you would hear Jean and Connie whisper, "Ultra gaaaaaaay!"

The only one in the classroom was your best friend, Eren Yeager. Well, he more than your best friend, but less than the next stage. You considered your relationship with him to be more than friends and less than lovers. You've been close since sixth grade, and going on strong to your eighth grade year. Sure, you haven't known each other as long as you've known your other friends, but it feels like you have. 

"Top o' the morning, Eren!" You said cheerfully, placing your bag down on your desk. 

"And the rest of the day to ya, (Name)!" He said, grinning widely at you.

You chuckled to yourself, unpacking your bag. 'He really is my best friend.'


Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

And you knew that the moments you had with Eren couldn't last forever. Anything could happen at any time. If you were to confess to him and he reciprocated your feelings, there was no doubt one of you would die sooner or later. It would only hurt the both of you. There was also the possibility of him rejecting you, but you didn't want to think about that.

You headed outside to get some fresh air and away from the awful smell of cleaning products. You knew the Corporal liked everything to be spotless, but this was overboard. There was a certain spot where you liked to sit and relax until one of your superiors found you. Good thing you never got extra chores because of this.

You walked out to the field and found "your" tree. It was the only one with a branch low enough for you to reach up and grab. The rest were too high, plus you didn't want to spend extra energy on climbing.

As you looked up, you saw Eren up in one of trees. No one seemed to be there with him. It surprised you, since Mikasa and Armin are attached to him by the hip.

'Wait...' You froze, feeling your heart pound like crazy. 'Is this my chance to confess?!'

But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

You took several deep breaths. "Hi, Eren." You said gently in attempt to not scare him.

His body still jolted from a mild shock before turning around. He immediately relaxed once he saw your face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Do you mind if I join you?" You looked up at him.

"Don't worry, I‘ll come down. We can just lie on the grass." He pushed himself and landed on his feet. "My butt kinda hurts from sitting on the branch for so long." 

You giggled at his remark. "Yeah, the grass is real soft. Good thing the horses don't piss in it or anything."

"It's a good thing that Jean doesn't piss here." 

You both bursted out into laughter. "Anyways, what are you doing out here, (Name)?"

"I should be asking you the same thing, Yeager. But if you insist, I...have something to tell you." You said, your voice faltering. 'Crap, where am I going with this?!'

"Oh, what's up?"

'Okay, I've come this far! No one's around, and I can just run out to the clearing when I'm done! Fight, (Name), fight!'

"Eren, I know that your mind is occupied with avenging your mother and killing all of the titans. And these are one of the few moments where you can relax and let go. Spare me a few minutes, and then I'll go, okay?"

"Hey, it's fine...I mean, I'm always relaxed when you're with me."

Your cheeks were heated up, rendering you were silent for a few seconds. However, those seconds felt like hours. Your heart was pounding out of your chest, and it felt like abnormals were running around in your stomach. 'How ironic, imagine if humans ate titans.'

You cleared your throat, and stared at the ground in attempt to hide your flushed face fidgeting with your dark gray skirt. "I've...admired on you for quite some time, Eren. It's just that, you are such an inspiration to me. You know, if I never met you, I wouldn't be alive. You saved me from my perpetual darkness. For a year, I lost my way in life. I didn't have the will to live. But you, Eren, brought me hope. Hope that maybe one day, mankind will discover what's out there." 

His eyes widened and his mouth was slightly agape. "(Name)..." Eren breathed out.

You stood proud and tall, your feet aligned with your shoulders. You swiftly balled your hands into fists; your right curling over your heart, your left behind your back. Your eyes drifted to Eren's,  making solid eye contact with him. You then shouted, "I like you, Eren!"

A long pause. You felt like a fire was held to your face, and it was burning you. This was so damn embarrassing. There you were, standing in front of the guy of your dreams, making a fool out of yourself. 'You're a soldier, (Name). Keep fighting.' 



"And... nothing will make me change my admiration towards you, even if you reject me.  But if you do accept my feelings towards you, I promise to pledge my loyalty to you. And I will give you my heart." 

You paused, breathing heavily. 'I can't believe I just did that. Crap why isn't he saying anything. Did I break him?! Oh no that was a horrible decision I shouldn't have done that.'  

"I-I'll just leave you now-"

Eren grabbed your hand, holding you back from running. "Wait!"

You turned around, and Eren leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours. It was only a light and quick peck. However, this was enough to leave you both blushing messes. "I like you too, (Name). I'm so glad you said have more guts than I do." He chuckled, pulling you into a tight hug. "...I also give you my heart, (Name)." He whispered.

You smiled, feeling like you were going to cry. You wrapped your arms around his torso tightly. "Thank you." You've never been happier.


I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

"What are you doing here so early, (Name)?"

"Hah! I should be asking you the same thing, Yeager." You then paused. "Woah, weird case of déjà vu..."

Eren looked at you, his teal eyes wide open. 'Does she remember?! She has to...if she had that reaction.'

He was a chicken, both in his past and present life. He just couldn't bring himself to tell you that he loved you. He was the only one from the Scout Regiment to remember his past life. Eren was fully aware of his relationship with you. You were lovers back then.  Even if they were only memories, Eren still loved you. He was so happy that you were such good friends. 

You two hung out all the time. It was quite interesting, you were never seen with out each other. You always sat close to each other, and even cuddled. Sometimes you and Eren would continuously high-five each other as an excuse to touch each other's hands. Of course this resulted in people getting the wrong idea, even some of your teachers sat you two together or kept you away from each other on purpose. Your friends teased you relentlessly, claiming that you should have been going out ages ago, but no one had the guts to take the initiative. 

This time, Eren was going to be the one to confess. He didn't want to wait any longer. His romantic and emotional attraction for you was far too strong. Hell, you both even joked about getting married in your past life. Eren didn't object to any of those ideas. The only obstacle in his path was you not loving him like you did before. 

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave

"Hey, (Name)!" Eren walked up to your desk, slinging his backpack on his shoulder. It was finally the end of the day, and start of the weekend. 

"Hi Eren." You replied, throwing your binder in your bag.

"You busy today?"

You shook your head. "Nope! Why, where do you wanna go?"

"Is the park cool with you?"

"Ooh, yeah! Can we get ice cream later too? There's a new shop that opened up a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to go."

"Sounds good!" Eren smiled. 

Your teacher then dismissed your class, and you shuffled your way out of the building through the mass of kids in the hallway.

The nearest park was around a ten minute walk from school, and ten from yours and Eren's neighborhood. You and Eren walked home together everyday. It was quite convenient. 


There were lots of trees good for climbing at the park. Typically, that's where you and Eren hung out. This is where Eren wanted to confess, just like you did before. 

Snapping out of his thoughts, Eren noticed that you went ahead of him and had already sat upon one of the lower branches of one of the trees. 'Heh, big ass trees.' He chuckled to himself. Mr. Ackerman still had a weird sense of humor. 

I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

"Yo! About time you got here." You grinned cheekily at the boy.

"(N-Name), can you come down for a sec?" Eren asked. 

"Okay. Hold up." You pushed yourself down, and landed several feet in front of him. You stumbled a bit once you hit the ground. You spent a few seconds trying to adjust yourself. "Déjà vu again..."

"Woah, you alright?" Eren walked towards you and lightly touched your arm. 

"Don't worry." You grinned. "I'm fine, Eren."

"I'm fine, Eren." 

Those words echoed throughout his head. One in a happy, cheery voice; the other in a raspy, choked out whisper. She lied to him, she was not fine at all. (Name) was dying when she said that. An awful lie.

"That's not true. You're not." He mumbled, dropping his hand. "You're not alright. Don't lie to me!" Eren raised his voice at you. "Don't lie to me...never again."

What's with him? His mood changed so quickly. "E-Eren...if something's wrong, you can tell me. I'll always be here for you, you know that." You grabbed his hands and held them up. "We're best friends, remember?"

"No, we're not!" He pulled away from you, looking down at the ground. "We're not best friends, (Name)."

Your heart broke. How could he say something like that? You had to be best friends, you spent almost every single day with each other. If you couldn't, you would at least talk on the phone or text each other. You never went a week without keeping in contact with Eren. How could you not be close?

Eren looked up at you dead in the eye. He then took your hand, wrapped his other arm tightly around your waist. "We're lovers, (Name)." He leaned in. At that very moment, Eren was kissing you. 

Holy shit. 

At first, you hesitated, and your body was extremely tense. Your eyes were wide open as you tried to register what exactly was happening. First he says that you aren't best friends, then he claims that you're lovers and now he's slamming his lips on yours.

What a time to be alive. 

You didn't know what happened, but instincts over came you. Your eyes closed and you let your hands rest on his chest. Something you've been wanting to do for a while, 'cause damn, Eren's body was nice. You've gone swimming with him, you know what's under that shirt. 

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

Eren then pulled away, but he was still holding you. You've never seen the emotions that Eren had in his eyes right now; love, passion, wanting, lust. Your face turned bright red at the realization. The boy then snapped out of his trance and released you. His face flushed and he looked at the ground with embarrassment. 

"I-I’m sorry, I have no idea what came over me..." He muttered. 

"Eren...what do you mean we're lovers?" Lovers was a strong word. He could have said "we're dating" or something like that. But lovers?! It meant that you two, you know... Your face was burning at the thought of it. 

"Do you remember the stories I would tell you about? The ones about the titans?"

You nodded. That's right, Eren would always tell you about that. The first time you met, it was strange because he was blabbering about you dying and something giant naked humanoids. But that's kind if what attracted you to him. 

"You already know that we were all soldiers. Somehow we've been reincarnated into this world, and it's the happiest thing that has ever happened to me, because you're alive."

Your breath hitched as you recalled your dream. In quick succession, images began flashing in your head. The person who saved you, the one whom you told "I love you" over and over again was Eren. 

That wasn't the only dream you've had. There were so many more that you tried piecing together, but couldn't make sense of it. Was it not just a coincidence? It couldn't be, how could Eren be telling you these things and you've had dreams about them? For as long as you could remember, you've been having those dreams. 

"So they weren't just dreams...they all happened?!" This was a bit too much information to process at once. 'We've been reincarnated into this world?!'

"I've been dying to tell you, ever since we met. But I was scared that you wouldn't remember anything."

Eren slightly widened his stance, and stood up straight. He quickly balled his hands into fists, curling his right over his heart, and the left behind his back. "I love you, (Name)."

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

"This is the salute that we did back then. It means that we're giving our heart to humanity. You were so cute...because this is how you confessed to me. You said that you admired me and that I pulled you out of the darkness. You pledged your loyalty to me, no matter what I told you. Even if I rejected you, you said you would continue to love me. " He chuckled, then lowered his hands to his sides. 

"You have no idea how much I missed you. It hurt me and everyone when they found out you died. I'm sorry that your death was in vain. It was my fault." Eren said sadly. "But I've been given a second chance, and I'm grateful for that."

One step closer

You remembered. Not exactly every detail about your time as a soldier, but it was enough. Eren truly loved you, both in your past lives and in this one. You indeed grew fond of Eren over time, the romantic dreams you've had made your love grow stronger. Okay, you didn't know it was exactly Eren, but you liked to think that it was him. And that's when it started turning into more than a crush. But you couldn't tell him; it would only jeopardize the close friendship you already had. It was your eighth grade year, your last definite one together. You didn't want to ruin anything. 

One step closer

You threw your arms around him, hugging him tightly. "I can't believe it Eren... love you too. I'm glad that they weren't just dreams. In fact, I ended up having a crush on you." You giggled. Your face was still on fire, and you tried to conceal that face by burying your face in Eren's shirt. "My love for's as real now as it was back then."

Eren wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your  head. Salty tears rushed down his cheeks. "I'm so happy you're alive. So happy." 

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

"Sorry for being sappy earlier. Here you go!" Eren said, holding out to you your ice cream cone as you walked outside of the shop. It was a (flavor) swirl. Just as you were going to take it, he took a big bite out of it, and smiled innocently at you. You gasped, and grabbed his cone, and made one giant lick on his ice cream. 

"Now we can indirect kiss." He winked at you, making your face red again.

"Were you as big of a dildo back then as you are now?" You chuckled. "I don't exact remember everything. Just you being a smooth bastard."

"Wow, strong choice of words!" Eren dramically said. "At least call me a dick to boost my self esteem."

"Why would I ever call you that? You don't even have one."

"Oh yeah? Explain your dream." He smirked. 

"What- oh." Your face flushed. That was you and Eren when you...

"I-It was me who had it, not you! At least I had the guts to confess to you back then. Nothing would have happened if I didn't." You stuck your tongue out at him. 

"Fine, you win this one." He grumbled. 
Reincarnated AU - Eren x Reader
Wow okay that took some time to write. Hope you like it, and please point out any mistakes! Thanks!

I do not own anything but the story itself. Heavily based on song by Christina Perri. Attack on Titan is copyrighted by Hajime Isayama.


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I haven't been drawing or writing either which kinda sucks. I do doodles from time to time but there has been no visible improvement. At some point I will do some cleaning up and changing the look of my gallery. Not too proud of what I've been doing to my account :/

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